Who Are We?

Vital X was born and bred in Vista California with a determination to be the premier provider of the highest grade hemp products that contain ZERO THC and are triple tested using third party labs. Our mission is to educate others and to advocate for the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) in order for a healthier way of life. To accomplish this, we formed a team focused on quality control and oversight, allowing us to partner with the best farmers and extractors known to the industry,

Hemp products contain naturally occurring cannabidiol and many other beneficial cannabinoids which work symbiotically with our bodies, and continue to be the most effective and safest alternative to highly addictive pain, sleep, and anxiety medications. The alarming side effects and addiction potential with prescription medications like opioids, could be completely averted by activating the human endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system works with the neurotransmitters located in all major systems in the body, communicating through and with your bodies own chemical processes using serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine to return
your system to homeostasis. The team at Vital X urges you to take this opportunity to explore and enjoy the benefits of hemp, reduce your stress and develop a more positive outlook, with our non psychoactive, 100% legal, ZERO THC hemp products.

How are Vital X CBD Products Made?

Hemp is a complex plant, with over 400 chemical properties and roughly 100 cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol). CBD Hemp Oil  has been clinically recognized as having legitimate medicinal benefits and has shown to be quite capable of treating anxiety, epilepsy, chronic pain, inflammation, digestive e issues, emotional imbalances and even in the reduction of some types of tumors and
other cancer related complications like loss of appetite and nausea. With this being said, the extraction of specific cannabinoids like CBD from the complexities of hemp, requires a team of technicians in a laboratory setting with a lot of experience on their side.

To make Vital X hemp products, we source from only select farms in Colorado, California and North Carolina where hemp farming has been well underway, with growers versed in selecting the specific strains needed to cultivate more cannabidiol (CBD) cannabinoids and less THC
cannabinoids. Interbreeding specific strains rich in CBD, encourages future generations of that strain, to do the same, which means less processing and the ability to stay closer to the plants original molecular structures. Once the plants are harvested, we send them to one of our certified extraction facilities where teams of experts refine and create the basis for several products we are able to provide.

Some of our oil-based CBD products are derived from a whole plant extraction process, otherwise known as “full spectrum”. This means that other cannabinoids besides CBD are present in the end result, creating a more beneficial impact. Some of the hemp biomass is then
put through a process called chromatography, where certain cannabinoids like CBD are isolated and separated from the rest of the molecular structure. These isolates allow us to create our ZERO THC products. Medical patients and those in further stages of disease processes, prefer full spectrum to isolates, and with good reason. Many medical professionals and research scientists have discovered that capturing the entire cannabinoid spectrum, stimulates the entire endocannabinoid system, creating what’s called the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect is fast becoming a common term in the hemp communities as the benefits from ingesting the whole plant far outweigh the consumption of it’s isolated parts.

The Vital X extraction process, whether full spectrum or isolate, is chemical free and uses pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) to pull the desired cannabinoids, like CBD, from the hemp plant. Our processes did not include the use of harsh chemical solvents that are often used to extract CBD. CO2 extraction is environmentally friendly and non-toxic and considered to be the
safest plant extraction method in the world. All of our finished products are produced using ISO certifications and in facilities that are GMP
certified and compliant. All of our products are third party tested and certificates of analysis are always available.